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Nor’easter in NYC: the latest on this week’s winter storm

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Prepare for messy roads, blustery winds, and more

Scott Lynch

The nor’easter that’s currently bearing down on New York City is already having an impact on New Yorkers: Even though many city services are open today (as are city schools), the Port Authority is already reporting flight cancellations at both LaGuardia and JFK Airport.

Whitout conditions have begun in parts of the city; there’ve been reports of thundersnow; and it’s only supposed to get worse throughout the day. (It’s not, however, the same type of storm that brought us January’s “bomb cyclone.”) The National Weather Service is now calling for eight to 12 inches throughout the five boroughs, with as much as one to two inches per hour possible at times. It’ll likely be worst during the evening commute, so prepare accordingly.

“We are currently experiencing the worst of the storm, with heavy snow developing throughout the city,” NYC Emergency Management commissioner Joseph Esposito said in a statement.

Additionally, there’s a chance for moderate flooding in low-lying coastal areas (i.e. along Jamaica Bay and other parts of Queens) as well as high wind gusts. The NWS warns that power outages could be possible—a problem for the thousands of Con Ed customers who remain without power after last week’s storm.

Snowplows are already out doing what they do, but it’s starting to get nasty out there. So what does all of that mean for you right now? Keep reading for updates on transit, flight cancellations, parking changes, and more.

Subways, buses, and commuter rail

As of this writing, there are no weather-related delays on subways, but that could change. Buses in all boroughs are running with delays because of the weather. Keep an eye on the MTA’s website, as well as the relevant subway and bus Twitter accounts, for updates, and we’ll keep you updated throughout the day.

Metro-North’s various lines are experiencing service changes because of the storm: Per the MTA, it’ll operate on a reduced weekday schedule, with some trains either combined or cancelled altogether. After 8 p.m., trains will run hourly. Best to check the Metro-North site for your specific train’s schedule.

Long Island Rail Road says it has “experiencing scattered system-wide delays averaging 10-15 minutes due to the winter storm.”

According to the Port Authority, PATH is operating normally; check its Twitter account for updates. NJ Transit service changes have been implemented, and are laid out here.


The Staten Island Ferry is running on a modified schedule, and NYC Ferry will suspend its service at 2 p.m. due to the worsening storm.


There are changes to Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor trains (i.e. the ones that travel between D.C. and Boston) because of the storm, with some trains cancelled outright, and others experiencing delays or modified schedules.


If you’re flying in or out of New York City today, there’s a good chance that you’re going to run into some problems: As of 8 a.m., hundreds of flights had been canceled at JFK, LaGuardia, and Newark Airports.

Best to be prepared, and to check with your carrier before heading out—it’s only going to get worse as the day goes on.

Citi Bike

Still operating!

Alternate side parking

Alternate side parking is suspended today and tomorrow in advance of the snow, but those who drive aren’t off the hook entirely: parking meters are still in effect.



The High Line: closed. Other parks: open! But be cautious if you decide to go sledding, and keep an eye out for fallen tree branches and other hazards.

Keep an eye on your heat and hot water

Your first instinct may be to stay indoors and burrow under a blanket, but what if the heat in your apartment isn’t working? Here’s everything you need to know.

As ever, keep an eye on this page throughout the day for updates.