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MTA reveals redesigned Staten Island express bus routes

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The new routes will make trips to and from Manhattan quicker and more reliable

Following a study conducted last May, the MTA has announced the new routes that will replace Staten Island’s current express bus network to make way for faster trips and more reliable service to and from Manhattan.

The agency used input from about 2,500 riders to create the redesigned express bus network and will focus on simplifying service to Manhattan, creating more direct routes to Staten Island, making fewer stops to speed up trips, and increasing off-peak and weekend express bus service to Manhattan. Part of the plan includes new direct routes to Battery Park City, Greenwich Village, Soho, Water Street, and Sixth Avenue.

Courtesy MTA.

The MTA is expecting to launch the new network in August, but it’s giving riders a chance to chime in before then. There will be open houses on March 12, 14, and 22, where officials will explain in detail the changes coming to the express bus system, as well as give commuters a chance to have their questions and comments addressed. All sessions will be free and open to the public. For details on where and when the meetings will take place, head over to the MTA’s website.