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Bronx’s Jerome Avenue rezoning is one vote away from approval

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The City Council’s subcommittees on zoning and franchises, and land use unanimously approved the rezoning this week

The Jerome Avenue rezoning has moved one step closer to a full approval. Earlier this week, the City Council’s Land Use and Zoning and Franchises Subcommittees, both voted unanimously to approve the rezoning measure, City Limits reports.

The vote follows that of the City Planning Commission, held in January this year. That body too unanimously approved the rezoning measure. While the rezoning measure has received the backing of the local community boards and the Bronx Borough President, both parties raised concerns about the displacement of the auto shop owners along Jerome Avenue, and about a need for a greater commitment to preserving affordable housing in the neighborhood.

Some of those demands will now be met. The City Council members representing the areas impacted by the rezoning announced prior to the vote earlier this week that they had managed to secure several favorable agreements with the city.

For instance, the de Blasio administration has agreed to preserve 2,500 units of existing affordable housing, up from the previous 1,500 number. Owners of the auto shops along Jerome Avenue will have access to a $1.5 million fund to relocate; and the city has also agreed to build two new schools to deal with concerns of overcrowding.

There’s now just one final vote before the Jerome Avenue rezoning, which concerns a 92-block stretch in the Bronx, is approved. The full City Council is expected to vote on March 21 to seal the fate of the rezoning.