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Big reveal: $828K for a stylish Bed-Stuy condo with a private balcony

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Did you guess correctly?


The asking price for this week’s Pricespotter apartment—a stylish one-bedroom condo in Bed-Stuy— is $828,000. It’s a tricky number to guess, which is probably why no one got it right this week, however, coleco came the closest with a guess of $822,222.

There was a mix of opinions surrounding the apartment, with some liking what it has to offers while others taking issue with its shortfalls. “This is really nice. I’m not crazy about that shade of green but love the way it continues onto the ceiling,” said NYCsince1983. “The blue in the bedroom is cool. Like the balcony too; it’s just big enough for some seating and a small table.”

On the other hand, Trilby16 wrote,”Not a fan of this place. I hate the balcony. I’m sure I would jump right off it.”

The apartment is about a 10-minute walk to the G line’s Bedford-Nostrand Avenue station and monthly taxes are just $46, thanks to a tax abatement that is in place until 2026.

So what do you make of the price? Here’s another look at the space: