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Astoria’s Halletts Point megaproject launches first affordable housing lottery

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There are 81 affordable rentals up for grabs starting from $947/month

Courtesy of the Durst Organization.

Just a day after new renderings and a teaser site were unveiled for the first rental tower at the Astoria megaproject, Halletts Point, the building has now launched the lottery on its affordable units.

10 Halletts Point has a total of 81 affordable units up for grabs that come in studio through three-bedroom variants. Rents start at $947 per month for a studio and go up to $1,414 per month for a three-bedroom home. The apartments are open to a range of family sizes and at annual incomes that vary between $34,355 and $66,420, depending on the family size.

The 81 affordable rentals are part of the larger 405-unit development, that’s expected to launch leasing on its market-rate rentals this summer. This building will be one of seven that eventually make up the Halletts Point megaproject.

Tenants at this rental will have access to 25,000 square feet of amenities including two outdoor terraces, a fitness center, and a children’s playroom. The overall Halletts Point megproject will bring 2,000 apartments to Astoria, about 400 of which will be affordable units.

Prospective tenants for the affordable units have until May 7, 2018 to apply.

Via NYC Housing Connect