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NYC’s rent-stabilized tenants gear up for another fight over rent freeze

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The Rent Justice Coalition will hold rallies outside of each one of the Rent Guidelines Board’s meetings


On Thursday morning, members of the Rent Justice Coalition, along with local elected officials, gathered outside of the Rent Guidelines Board’s office, where the board was holding its first meeting, to demand a rent freeze for tenants living in rent-stabilized apartments.

After two consecutive years of rent freezes, the RGB voted last June to allow rent increases on the city’s 1 million rent-stabilized apartments, with one-year leases subject to 1.25 percent raises, and two-year leases subject to two percent hikes. The hike went into effect in October 2017.

“The urgency of New York City’s affordable housing crisis has not diminished. Incredibly, 43 percent of New Yorkers in homeless shelters are coming from rent stabilized apartments,” said Council Member Helen Rosenthal. “We must institute a rollback for one- and two-year rent-stabilized leases. No one disagrees that landlords have a right to profit from their buildings...But, as a city, we also have a fundamental duty to ensure that New Yorkers can remain in their homes.”

During the rally, members also urged the RBG to ensure that tenants are given an opportunity to be heard at upcoming hearings. The Rent Justice Coalition is planning on holding rallies at each of the upcoming RGB meetings. The next one is scheduled for April 5. Head over here for the full schedule.