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Penn Station’s “summer of hell” will return with more Amtrak repairs

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Amtrak announced plans for yet another multimillion-dollar repair project

Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Amtrak is preparing to conduct another series of “critical reconstruction” projects that could result in what some fear might be the “Summer of Hell, part II,” reports the New York Post.

The railroad company announced on Tuesday plans to carry out $50 million worth of repairs that will impact service and result in schedule changes. More importantly, several trains will once again be rerouted from Midtown’s Penn Station to Grand Central Terminal, beginning as early as May 26.

Amtrak is planning to repair the Empire Service, Ethan Allen Express, Adirondack, and Maple Leaf lines while also updating mechanical and electrical equipment that was damaged during Hurricane Sandy.

Though the construction schedule hasn’t been finalized yet, Amtrak officials are confident that the disruptions won’t last as long as last summer’s so-called “summer of hell” that involved a eight-week period of repairs. But let’s be honest, it honestly wasn’t all that bad.