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Cynthia Rowley lists West Village townhouse-turned-showroom for $17.5M

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The fashion designer still owns three other properties within the neighborhood

Photos courtesy Leslie J. Garfield.

Fashion designer Cynthia Rowley is parting ways with one of her many West Village properties.

The New York Post reports that Rowley has listed her 25-foot-wide townhouse at 16 Morton Street for $17.5 million. Rowley purchased the property in 2014 for around $10.99 million and went on to give the multi-unit residence a full renovation before converting it into a loft-like office space with a showroom.

The three-story home spans 6,000 square feet and dates back to the early 1900s. Per the listing description, it can either be configured into single-family home or can be remastered into a mixed-use building with commercial space on the ground floor and two residential units on the upper levels. Among the features found within the home are sprawling ceilings, two massive skylights, a roof terrace, and a curb-cut garage.

Rowley still has a series of other West Village properties in her portfolio: In 2016, the designer spent $8.9 million on a 19-foot-wide townhouse on Bleecker Street and she resides within a townhouse on Perry Street that she purchased back in 2004.