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This website displays neighborhood data that listings leave out

New, 8 comments is looking to inform future renters and buyers before it’s too late

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Real estate listings in New York may do a great job of showing off a piece of property and highlighting some of its neighborhood’s best assets, but those cherrypicked details don’t portray the actual experience of living in a place. A new mobile-first website, called, looks to inform renters and buyers about the areas they’re looking to move into by harnessing, and simplifying, droves of data about everything from shadow cover to current and future construction nearby.

The website pulls from public records and other datasets available in the public domain to create “a detailed view of what their life will be like today and in the future, at every address,” says Localize CEO Asaf Rubin. To achieve that view, Localize created an AI with input from data scientists and urban planners that translates raw data into bite-sized pieces of information. users can search any address in New York to turn back these insights. For example, a search run on 363 Bond Street, the new rental building’s fronting on the Gowanus Canal, finds that the area is at high risk for flooding during heavy storms. It also says that renters here should take take construction on the BQX into consideration, should it materialize; it’ll be a “major construction pain” from 2019 to 2024. has data for every address in New York City, and is incorporating more as it becomes available.