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NYC’s 270 miles of sidewalk sheds tracked in real-time map

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The DOB has improved on its map from last year and now tracks changes in real time

A year after releasing a map on the city’s sidewalk sheds, the city’s Department of Buildings has come out with a brand new version of the same map which updates information in real time. A spokesperson for the agency told Curbed that the biggest complaint they received from the map published last year was that the information was static.

This new map will update as soon as new permits are issued or old ones expire. At present, there are a total of 7,342 sidewalk sheds across the city, which translates to about 270 miles of sidewalk sheds.

This time around, the DOB has also added in several toggle features into the map that lets you pinpoint data more specifically. For instance, sidewalk sheds can now be broken down into each borough, community board, and even the particular contractor or sidewalk shed company.

From the data the DOB has crunched so far, it has also learned that sidewalk sheds stay in front of buildings for 293 days on average.

“We are excited to deliver another data-driven tool to help New Yorkers learn more about our city’s built environment, and to help DOB improve our service to the public,” said DOB Commissioner Rick Chandler, in a statement. “Real-time mapping not only increases our ability to monitor structures such as sidewalk sheds, but also shows how we are harnessing technology to hold building owners accountable.”

Head on over to the DOB’s website to play around with the map.