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Big reveal: $549K for a small, updated Upper West Side co-op

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Did you guess correctly?


This week’s Pricespotter apartment— a small, renovated one-bedroom on the Upper West Side— is asking $549,000. No one managed to guess that price, but Svetlana_NYC came the closest with a guess of $550,000.

Despite its tiny size, many of the commenters took a liking to this apartment. “Cute place. Small but with nice high ceilings and pre-war charm. Love the cast iron tub and new kitchen. Don’t love the tiny closets,” wrote NYCsince1983. Add to that, many of the guesses actually predicted that the co-op would be asking much more.

So now that we’ve revealed the asking price, what are your thoughts? Is it a steal or a stretch? Let us know in the comments and here’s one more look at the space: