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Gramercy rental-to-condo conversion at 88&90 Lexington unveils its amenities

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Workshop/APD transformed empty spaces into a spate of cool perks for residents

Photos by Colin Miller

HFZ Capital’s rental-to-condo conversion at 88 and 90 Lexington Avenue has been in the works for several years now; sales launched back in 2015, and residents began moving in to the building’s 122 apartments last year.

Design firm Workshop/APD worked on converting the development’s two buildings—one of which dates to 1927, and the other from 1958—into one seamless structure behind their disparate facades. Nowhere was that transformation more necessary than in the amenity space, which is shared by both buildings and was previously just vacant space.

The 8,000-square-foot offering was created by completely gutting the basements of both buildings (one had been residential, and the other office) and adding in a spate of swank amenities, including an L-shaped pool, a kid’s playroom, a screening room, and more. New photos show off the space, which has a neutral color palette that echoes that of the apartments above.

According to the developer, the building is now more than half sold; the 10 available listings (none of which are tiny penthouses) on StreetEasy range from a two-bedroom asking $3.155 million to a four-bedroom asking $5.875 million.