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Big reveal: $529K for a tiny East Village studio with a private patio

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Did you guess correctly?


This week’s Pricespotter apartment—a tiny East Village studio with a private patio— is asking $529,000. No one guessed that price, though OzMerry came the closest by guessing $530,000.

There was a lot of scrutiny around this apartment, which was to be expected given its small size and location on St. Marks Place right next to First Avenue. A few people thought the apartment wasn’t terrible, however, a lot folks just weren’t feeling the layout. “No Pros. Awful kitchen, suffice to say probably for someone who just [orders] Seamless or Ubereats or all the time,” said Svetlana_NYC before predicting that the home would sell for $350,000. On the contrary, NYCsince1983 described the apartment as being “Definitely tiny, but livable and kind of charming,” while noting that the fireplace and large closets were nice touches.

So knowing the asking price? What are your thoughts? Here’s one more look at the floorplan: