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De Blasio administration will contribute $418M to subway action plan

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The city has finally agreed to contribute its half of the share toward emergency repairs on the subway

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Despite the city and state’s past skirmishes over funding the NYC subway, the de Blasio administration has agreed to contribute $418 million towards the subway’s $836 million emergency action plan, the New York Post reports.

Both sides are now claiming victory over this latest agreement, which was unveiled as part of the new New York State budget. The state claims it forced the city’s hand through the budget agreements, according to the Post, while city officials claim that they only agreed to the budget deal because they were able to ensure that the city-contributed funds would only go toward fixing the subway and nothing else.

For months the two sides have been feuding over the total bill; the state committed half the funds when it announced the emergency plan last year, and expected the city to contribute the rest. The city continued to stress for months that it was the state’s responsibility as the state had previously diverted funds from the subway toward other projects. The two sides finally came to an agreement last week, and here’s hoping that proves to be a boon for New Yorkers.