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Trump Organization continues to fight Upper West Side condo board over name change

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200 Riverside Boulevard wants to get rid its ‘Trump Palace’ letters but the Trump Organization is holding firm

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In 2017, three condo buildings on Riverside Boulevard voted successfully to remove the Trump name from their buildings; a fourth building has been trying to do the same, but has been met by fierce opposition by the Trump Organization.

In January 2018 it was revealed that the Trump Organization had threatened legal action against the board of 200 Riverside Boulevard if it attempted to remove the “Trump Place” name emblazoned in gold on the front of the building.

A judge was scheduled to hear the matter over the proposed name removal on April 24, but the date has now been pushed back to May 3. Washington Post reporter David Fahrenthold was scheduled to cover that meeting, and in the lead up to it, he chronicled some of his findings on Twitter, which were first reported on by the West Side Rag.

From court documents, Fahrenthold learned that 63 percent of building owners polled wanted the Trump name removed from the front facade. Just to be clear, the Trump Organization does not own this building but only manages it, and the name up front is part of a licensing agreement for which the organization receives no money whatsoever.

Fahrenthold questioned why the Trump Organization was spending any money trying to fight this in court since it was only a matter of taking a name down. He ended up hearing straight from the president’s son, Eric Trump.

“There are hundreds of residents who purchased property in 200 Riverside Boulevard because of the name and world class service that it has consistently deliver from day one,” Eric Trump says in the response addressed to Fahrenthold, which the latter posted on Twitter. “I will always fight vehemently against rogue individuals not only to protect our incredible owners but also the legacy of a true visionary who did so much to shape the New York City skyline.”

We will now have to wait for judge to officially weigh in on the matter on May 3.