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Big reveal: $975K for a renovated Park Slope co-op with original details

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Did you guess correctly?


This week’s Pricespotter apartment— a renovated Park Slope co-op that may or may not be a two-bedroom— is asking $975,000. This is another one of those weeks where no one guessed the precise amount but a shout out is in order to Someone98 and Adrastos C for coming the closest with guesses of $965,000.

Almost everyone agreed that the railroad-style abode is nothing more than a glorified one-bedroom with two half rooms. “There are some nice elements—but it’s not 2.5 bedrooms. That’s a joke,” said modmother. “It will be listed around $915K and would sell for $800 based on location since EVERYONE wants to move to Park Slope including an entitled tree hugging mom with a Moby Baby Wrap, cute beagle, and dainty work from home hipster dad who would populate all the Sunday brunch spots,” concluded Svetlana_NYC.

Located on Carroll Street between Sixth and Seventh avenues, the co-op is about a 10-minute walk to Prospect Park as well as to the nearest subway stations.

So, what do you make of the price? Here’s one more look at the floorplan: