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Here’s how subway service changes will affect your commute this weekend

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Lots of work on lots of lines, as per usual

A subway train speeding through a tunnel. Max Touhey

It’s about to be the weekend in New York City—and a pretty nice one, once today’s pesky rain passes—which can only mean one thing: There will be a whole lot of subway service changes that have the potential to make getting around a nightmare.

In addition to planned, ongoing service changes (e.g. the 2 and 3 not running between Manhattan and Brooklyn, or work on the Rockaway shuttle), there will be disruptions on almost every single subway line—only the G, L, and Q will emerge from this weekend unscathed.

So what can you expect? (Aside from delays.) Check out a summary of some of the biggest changes below, and peep the MTA’s Weekender app for more information on shuttle buses, suggested transfers, and more. (Our suggestion: Stay in your neighborhood and don’t go anywhere that’s not within walking distance.)


4 trains will run local in both directions between Brooklyn Bridge–City Hall and 125 St.

There’s no 7 train between Queens Plaza and 34th Street-Hudson Yards, thanks to signal modernization efforts; there will be shuttle buses (between Queensboro Plaza and Vernon Blvd-Jackson Avenue, and Times Sq-42 St and 34 St-Hudson Yards). The 42nd Street shuttle will also run overnight.

There are no C trains between 145 St and 168 St, but you can take the A instead; the C will run between Euclid Ave and 145 St. Uptown C trains will also skip 72, 81, 86, 96, 103, 116 and 135 Sts.


At least three lines will not be running in large sections: The F isn’t running between Church Ave and Stillwell Ave; the J isn’t running between Marcy Ave and Broadway Junction; and there are no 4 trains between Utica Ave and New Lots Ave. In all three cases, shuttle buses will make up for the missed stops; to get to Coney Island, you can also take the D, N, and Q trains.

2 and 3 trains still aren’t running between Manhattan and Brooklyn; here’s a map on how to get around in their absence.


2 trains will replace 5 trains between Dyre Ave and E 180 St, while 5 trains will replace 2 trains between between Wakefield-241 St and E 180 St. (Fun!)

Meanwhile, 5 trains aren’t running between Grand Central and E 180 St in the Bronx; instead, they’ll run from Grand Central to Flatbush Ave in Brooklyn, and between E 180 St and 241 St. For Bronx service, you can take the 4 to 125th St, and transfer to

The 1 isn’t running from 137 St to 242 St, and will operate only from South Ferry to 137 St. You can take shuttle buses to get around, or use the A and C at nearby stations in Washington Heights.


Still no service to the 30 Ave or 36 Ave stations; the MTA has details on how to get around in their absence here.

A few lines are skipping stops: Astoria-bound N and W trains will skip 39 Av and Broadway; Jamaica-bound F trains will skip 75 Av, Briarwood and Sutphin Blvd; Jamaica-bound E trains will skip 75 Av and Briarwood; and Manhattan-bound 7 trains will skip 69, 52, 46, 40 and 33 Sts. (Phew.)

The M isn’t running at all, but there are shuttle buses running between Bushwick and Middle Village; a detailed schedule can be found in the Weekender app.

As part of the MTA’s subway flood protection project, service to the Rockaways will have many weekend changes this season. Until May 18, “A service to the Rockaways will not operate between Broad Channel and Rockaway Park-Beach 116 St. A service will operate to and from Far Rockaway-Mott Av. Shuttle service will not operate at Broad Channel. Shuttle service will be re-routed to make all stops between Rockaway Park-Beach 116 St and Far Rockaway-Mott Av.” That’ll change come July.

Staten Island

Aside from trains being delayed by a few minutes due to scheduled maintenance, the Staten Island Railway is doing okay. Good job, Staten Island.

For full details, check out the MTA’s Weekender app.