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Heidi Klum buys $5.1M Soho loft in need of ‘total renovation’

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The apartment served as an artist’s studio for the last 30 years


Heidi Klum has a new perch over Soho, and it’s not on a billboard. The New York Observer reports the supermodel has purchased a 4,800-square-foot Soho loft. The sale closed in late February for $5.1 million, but flew under the radar with Klum’s (admittedly obvious) use of the LLC Hk East Coast.

The loft at 515 Broadway is much less splashy than the New York digs the supermodel’s rented and stayed in before and the listing doesn’t glamorize the space, calling for a “total renovation.”

That said, Klum has a lot to work with: The apartment is 40-feet wide by 125-feet deep and comes with 12-foot ceilings plus the added bonus of deeded skylight rights. The loft wasn’t sold with outdoor space, but Klum has the option of purchasing roof rights from the co-op and creating her own rooftop perch.

The apartment served as an artist’s studio for the last 30 years, and currently goes without bedrooms, a kitchen, or bathrooms. Lucky for Klum the folks at Compass who sold the apartment commissioned some concept renderings of what the loft can look like after a thorough renovation, showing an airy open kitchen and seating areas and a lush rooftop terrace.

If the perfectly manicured Brentwood, Los Angeles home that Klum sold for $24 million in 2014 is any indicator, this loft will be photo-ready in no time.

The apartment could look like this after a renovation: