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Bus countdown clocks coming to some LinkNYC kiosks

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The feature launched today on 29 kiosks in Brooklyn

Some of New York’s LinkNYC kiosks will act as de facto countdown clocks for the city’s bus system. As of today, 29 Link kiosks in Brooklyn began displaying realtime information for busses up to one-third of a mile from their location, Crain’s reports. The development is just the beginning of a larger rollout of the countdown display across some of the city’s 1,550-plus kiosks.

While the countdown clock function was always intended to come to the kiosks, it got a boost from Brooklyn City Council member Brad Lander who Crain’s says began asking LinkNYC to post bus arrival information last September. “To me, it is one element of the overall bus turnaround effort,” Lander said. “Good service and good information together will increase ridership.”

The rollout comes at a crucial time for New York City transit, as riders across the city will be called to rely more heavily on alternate modes of public transportation given the impending L-train shutdown and other subway fixes that may see some lines close for weekends at a time.

LinkNYC kiosks will continue to provide services including charging outlets, fast WiFi, and free access to features like maps and domestic phone calls. The bus information will display between advertisements and other public notices.

“Strategically, what’s going on is this vision we have around transforming the Link from being just the means by which we get high-speed public Wi-Fi to really being a digital public service assistant,” said Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications Commissioner Samir Saini.