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Brace, New Yorkers: More snow is in the forecast

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A small amount of snow on Friday morning could be followed by a couple of inches of snow on Saturday

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New Yorkers will have to contend with another couple of days of snow and freezing temperatures, less than a week after a snowstorm dumped over five inches of snow on the city on Monday.

Though it won’t be quite as bad as earlier this week, New Yorkers may be met by an inch of snow during the morning commute tomorrow, according to the New York Times. The snow will be followed by rain though the temperatures could climb to as high as 55 degrees later in the day, according to AM New York.

Saturday will likely be the worst of it though with the city expected to be hit with between two to four inches of snow. The morning will start off with rain, and then be followed by snow, reverting back to rain in the evening, according to the Times.

Temperatures could dip to a low of 30 on Saturday, and the high is a not-so-pleasant 39 degrees, according to the New York Post. An Accuweather meteorologist the Post spoke with said a shift in the storm path by just 50 miles could mean more snow or just rain, depending on which way the storm swings.

The Times went one step further to report that another nor’easter may be on the way on Monday, but it’s too early to tell right now. Already more than 40 inches of snow have been dumped on the city this past winter/spring, which is 16 inches higher than the average, and this April has already seen one of the highest amounts of snow on record, according to the Times.