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Big reveal: $530K for an updated Windsor Terrace one-bedroom

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Did you guess the correct asking price?

Douglas Elliman

Kitchen upgrade be damned; there was not much commenters liked about this week’s Pricespotter. But for all the flak thrown at the apartment’s layout, guesses ran high this week.

Commenter louisamae came closest to the correct asking price of $530,000 with a guess just $5,000 less than that. “Good layout that these people did not utilize,” they wrote alongside their guess.

Commenters didn’t like how the co-op’s current owners removed a wall between the living room and kitchen to add an island, with NYCsince1983 cheekily adding, “‘We used to watch a lot of TV. Now we watch the stove.’”

To recap: the kitchen was opened to the living space and refinished with subway tile backsplash, white cabinetry, and black granite countertops. The bathroom was also recently upgraded with white subway tile, a new vanity, and a rain shower head. The bedroom is large enough to fit a king-sized bed.

The apartment, at 140 East 2nd Street, is just a few blocks from the Fort Hamilton Parkway F and G station, and around the corner from Greenwood Cemetery.

So, knowing the asking price, are there any takers?