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Subway repairs delayed by city’s lack of funding commitment: Cuomo

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Cuomo, the MTA says repairs would have gone faster if the city had contributed funds sooner

Just days after the de Blasio administration agreed to fork out funds for half of the MTA’s $836 million emergency action plan, the state is now blaming the city for not doing it sooner. On Thursday, Governor Andrew Cuomo celebrated achieving the full funding goal for the emergency action plan to fix the subway, but also used that moment to criticize the city, saying repairs would have gone a lot faster if the city had contributed sooner, the Wall Street Journal reports.

The MTA and Cuomo claim that the city’s withholding of funds set back the repairs by eight months (the emergency action plan was announced in July last year). MTA Chair Joseph Lhota went on to add that his agency could have hired a lot more workers sooner, and could also have sped up the rate of its repair and maintenance work.

Lhota also said that he expects the city to contribute a lot more to the MTA’s next capital plan. For the current one, the city contributed $2.5 billion, whereas the state gave $8.6 billion. Lhota urged the city to do more for the five-year plan that begins in 2020.

A spokesperson for the mayor immediately shot back and said the MTA should learn to operate within its budget, and seek a more sustainable stream of revenue. He also said that if the city funds had been contributed any sooner they probably would have ended up being mismanaged.

The city and the state had been bickering for months before the city finally relented and contributed to the emergency funds. Now even though the funding issue is settled up, the bickering continues.