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MTA Chief pledges against ‘hot cars’ on the subway this summer

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Joe Lhota says the agency has hired hundreds of workers who will work to fix air conditioning units

A major grouse for New Yorkers during the summers are the hot cars on the subways. The MTA’s own data revealed that there were between 12 to 16 subways cars without functioning A/C, per day in 2016. Now MTA Chief Joseph Lhota has vowed to fix that problem, the New York Post reports.

With the funding now in place for the $836 million emergency action plan to fix the city’s beleaguered subway system, Lhota informed the Post on Friday that the agency was going to make fixing the air conditioning units on trains one of its top priorities.

“New Yorkers deserve to be able to get into the system and not be overheated because the air conditioning is not working,” said Lhota to the Post. “I don’t want any hot cars.”

To make that happen, the agency plans to add 500 new workers who will be fixing air-conditioning units (among other responsibilities). Lhota also said the agency plans to keep dozens of back up units around in case of breakdowns during the summer.