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Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Pier 6 housing makes its mark on the skyline

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The taller of the two buildings will top out later this season

Field Condition

It’s been a busy year at Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Pier 6 uplands. The two residential towers that began to rise in the park nearly a year ago are now fixtures on the skyline—and if you haven’t seen that for yourself, new photos of the buildings from construction site chronicler Field Condition show just how far the projects have come.

The shorter of the two developments, the mixed-income building at 15 Bridge Park Drive, topped out earlier this year at 15 stories. The taller—and more contentious—of the two buildings, at 50 Bridge Park Drive, has now reached the 20th of its 28 floors and is scheduled to top out later this spring.

The facade of no. 15 has been installed up to the third floor on some parts of the building. The mixed-income building will hold 100 affordable apartments and 40 market rate apartments, and is expected to open in the spring of 2019.

The development at 50 Bridge Park Drive, now called Quay Tower, had been the focus of much litigation by the Brooklyn Heights Association, who maintained that the Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation was in violation of the initial agreement to build as little housing in the park as necessary. BBPC maintained it needed the funds the additional housing at Pier 6 would provide to keep up the timber piles supporting the East River pier, which are being “devoured by wood eating crustaceans.”

BPA announced that it wouldn’t appeal the most recent legal ruling that dismissed the group’s lawsuit against the Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation, putting an end to the onslaught of litigation against the residential buildings.

The 126 condos at Quay Tower will go on sale in the coming months, with prices starting from $1.9 million for a two-bedroom.

For more photos, head on over to Field Condition.

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