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Morris Adjmi’s neo-Gothic Nomad condo is close to topping out

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Construction on the 40-story building’s lattice crown is now underway

All photos courtesy Field Condition.

It’s been a few months since we checked in on Morris Adjmi’s neo-Gothic Nomad condo, rising at 30 East 31st Street but a new set of construction photos from Field Condition show that the tower is close to topping out.

Back in December, construction on the soon-to-be 40-story building had reached the halfway mark. Now, construction on the building’s lattice crown is underway and soon it will stand at its full height.

Developers Ekstein Development Group and Pinnacle Real Estate purchased the parish house of the Madison Avenue Baptist Church in 2013 and demolished the building in 2015 to make way for the residential tower. Once complete, the building will be comprised of 42 condos ranging in size from one- to two-bedrooms, along with a three-bedroom penthouse. Morris Adjmi Architects will also helm the building’s interiors. Sales launched in October, with prices beginning at $1.65 million and a cool $12 million for the penthouse.

Construction is slated to wrap up some time in 2019.

30 E 31st St

30 East 31st Street, Manhattan, NY 10016