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Big reveal: $575K for a small 1BR in a landmarked Billionaires’ Row building

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The apartment was formerly owned by the late Robert Osborne

Sotheby’s International Realty.

This week’s Pricespotter apartment wasn’t exactly difficult to guess, resulting in multiple winners but in case you missed it, the small one-bedroom within a landmarked Billionaires’ Row building, the Osborne, is going for $575,000. Per 6sqft, the co-op is one of three once owned by the late actor and film historian, Robert Osborne.

It’s safe to say that many folks didn’t particularly like this apartment. “This is a horrible, sad, depressing, dark & tiny ground floor apartment with high maint. and no real kitchen,” wrote easternwestern. Commenter Doug bananaboy echoed similar sentiments, writing “Ugly part of town and an ugly apartment to match . Closets are minimal , no view no light plenty of noise and pollution very poor kitchen with doors to hide it.”

While the price may be low for Billionaires’ Row, it seems that most people would pass on this place.

Here’s another look at the floorplan:

The Osborne

205 West 57th Street, New York, NY