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Tourist-heavy Wall Street could get pedestrian-friendly improvements

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A new report released by the Downtown Alliance outlines a series of design recommendations

Renderings courtesy Downtown Alliance.

A new report is advocating for a series of design changes that could make Wall Street and Broad Street in Manhattan’s Stock Exchange District safer spaces for pedestrians and a more welcoming district.

In its report, the Alliance for Downtown New York recommends putting three principles at the forefront of redesigning the area that include: creating a sense of identity and sense of place; improving the pedestrian experience; and rationalizing deliveries. Using this as its foundation, the report goes on to tout suggestions that include creating curb-less shared streets, installing a “gateway” that would function as the main pedestrian entrances to the district for a “sense of arrival in a special area,” illuminating dark corridors with more lighting, adding more seating areas and planting beds, expanding sidewalk space on New Street, and piloting a consolidated delivery center that would serve as a drop-off point for trucks to then disperse packages by hand-truck or small vehicles.

The report was the result of a nine-month “collective effort” that welcomed public feedback along with intel from local property owners, residents, government agencies, an urban design team, and 30 stakeholders. The proposed changes were fleshed out with the NYPD’s current security measures in mind and is intended to be rolled out over the course of several years.

Ideas pitched in the report have already garnered support from several local officials, including Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer and Councilwoman Margaret Chin.

“I am excited by the vision this plan sets forth to rectify long-standing traffic issues in the area, and look forward to working with the Alliance and all the other stakeholders involved on this report to help bring about the changes this location deserves,” said Councilwoman Chin.

Catch the report in its entirety here and get a glimpse below of what the changes to the area would look like if manifested.