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Inside Bethenny Frankel’s enormous Soho loft

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Frankel spent $4.2 million to purchase this 4,000-square-foot Artist’s Loft

Gieves Anderson/Architectural Digest

Real Housewives of New York star Bethenny Frankel has been making plenty of real estate moves in the past few years, buying and selling apartments in lower Manhattan at a rapid clip (and even flipping one, too, as part of her new Bravo show with Fredrik Eklund).

Now she’s let Architectural Digest inside her latest investment: a massive, 4,000-square-foot loft in Soho that’s located right next to her office. Just to be clear, this isn’t her other two-bedroom condo on Mercer Street, which was most recently on the market as a $13K/month rental in November last year.

Frankel put down $4.2 million on this latest Soho purchase, and she’s not looking to move anytime soon, she told AD. She worked with her favorite designers Cheryl Eisen and Vian Abreu of Interior Marketing Group, on this apartment too. While they decided to keep the loft a two-bedroom home as they found it, the trio made several other changes.

Some of the walls were moved within the space to make way for a dressing room (head on over to AD to check out a photo of that space), the existing wood floors were refinished in pale gray; other existing features like the columns, radiators and window frames were all painted black; two fireplaces were added to the apartment (an absolute must in a home for Frankel, according to AD); and for the kitchen island, the designers procured a marble slab so large that it had to be brought in through the window.

Frankel wasn’t looking to move when she found this place, but it only took her three days to feel like the place was home, she told AD.