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Historic Industry City building gets colorful, Memphis-inspired refresh

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Artist Camille Walala has transformed a historic building with one of her vibrant designs

Images courtesy of Industry City.

The next piece of public art to take over your Instagram feed can be found in Sunset Park, where artist Camille Walala has transformed an old Industry City building with a pop of Memphis-inspired color that enlivens the streetscape.

As part of this year’s WantedDesign series (running in conjunction with NYCxDesign), Walala created two colorful installations—one in Manhattan and the other in Sunset Park—and the Brooklyn artwork is her largest mural to date. The piece covers the facade of a seven-story building and has a 3D effect that magnetic textiles inventor Visual Magnetics and landmark building specialists EverGreene Architectural Arts helped manifest.

Walala says that her artwork reflects an “enthusiasm for playful, graphic patterns” and draws on influences from the Memphis Design movement, the Ndebele tribe and Hungarian-French artist Victor Vasarely. “The site is bathed in the most beautiful colors at sunset, which has inspired my palette for the project,” the artist said in a statement.

Catch the installation on display at 274 36th Street in Industry City, beginning today.