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NYC parking meter rates will get an increase this year

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Under a new plan, the Department of Transportation plans to create new parking zones with pricier rates


Department of Transportation officials are gearing up to hike parking meter rates as part of a new plan that aims to manage congestion, among other things that include improving Vision Zero, bus speeds, and security measures for pedestrians (h/t Crain’s).

“Currently, 60 percent of our 14,500 meters are set at $1 an hour. These meters in heavily congested, transit-rich Downtown Brooklyn are prices the same as those in less dense East New York,” said DOT Comissioner Polly Trottenberg during a preliminary budget hearing on Wednesday. “We think modest rate increases will promote turnover in commercial areas and have a positive effect on congestion as well.”

The city is expected to roll out new rates later this year, though the new prices haven’t been revealed just yet. Trottenberg noted that the city’s current three rate zone will “evolve into a new system of more zones to more closely match land use and parking demand in both Manhattan and the outer boroughs.” Additionally, the city will allow people to park on meters for up to two hours below 96th Street in Manhattan, replacing the standard one-hour time limit.

According to Crain’s, parking meter rates last increased in 2013.