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Key aspect of Gateway tunnel project secures funding

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This work has to be completed before the second phase of the Hudson Yards megaproject can begin

Max Touhey

As developers Related Companies and Oxford Properties prepare to begin work on the second phase of the Hudson Yards megaproject, a key infrastructural project needs to take some big steps before its too late. With new funding in place, a section of the Gateway Tunnel project will now move forward before the Hudson Yards work gets underway, Crain’s reports.

The Gateway Development Corporation recently secured $12.5 million in funds from the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. Those funds will go toward moving utilities from the western section of Hudson Yards. The megaproject’s developers need to deck this section of the yards before they can start work, and the Gateway tunnel corporation needs to wrap up its part of the work before this decking can begin.

That work involves building concrete casing that will eventually connect the rail tunnels below the Hudson River between New Jersey and Penn Station; Two sections of the casing—located under the eastern side of the Hudson Yards project—have already been built at a cost of $250 million, according to Crain’s. This final section will cost $440 million with most of the funds coming from the Port Authority.

The overall project has been roiled by troubles and delays since its inception; Federal funding cuts have further threatened the future of the project, but for now, state agencies in New York and New Jersey have taken matters into their own hands.