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Navigate the crumbling NYC subway in this new video game

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“MTA Country” takes you on a quest through the subway system

Via Everyday Arcade

There are days when making it through your normal, everyday commute can feel like a battle straight out of a video game: You’re dodging various impediments (overflowing piles of trash on the platform, slow-walking tourists) and fighting enemies in your path (those people who stand in the doorway when you’re trying to board a train), all on a quixotic quest to get to your destination without getting hurt—and in some kind of timely fashion.

Now, the folks behind Everyday Arcade—known for creating cheeky, thought-provoking games inspired by real-life events, such as “Thoughts & Prayers: The Game”—have taken that mindset and turned it into a reality. (Sorta.) They’re back with “MTA Country,” a new game that tackles the complete meltdown of the subway system in their trademark irreverent fashion.

Inspired by “Donkey Kong Country,” in both its sidescrolling format and its quest through a forbidding location (in this case, the NYC subway), the game’s goal is simple: Gregg T.—you know, the guy from the MTA’s “see something, say something” ads who unwittingly became a meme a few years ago—has to get to work. Bill de Blasio and Andrew Cuomo are there to help Gregg, but there are obstacles, and plenty of them, along the way: track fires, signal problems, broken sections of rail, and cars crammed full of angry commuters.

If you manage to avoid all of those impediments and get Gregg to work, you’ll reach … well, we won’t spoil the ending, but it’ll make transit nerds LOL. Check it out here.