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Here’s what Pier 55’s futuristic floating park looks like right now

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Work on installing the 425 piles that will support the park will begin next month

Tanay Warerkar

Just over a month after work resumed at the futuristic Meatpacking District park at Pier 55, Curbed had a chance to tour the construction site of this nearly three-acre project that’s being built within the Hudson River Park at a cost of $250 million.

For the past month, construction has been underway on the two accessways that will lead to the park that will sit above the Hudson River. Earlier today, a W526 crane arrived on site to begin installing the 425 piles that will support the Thomas Heatherwick-designed park.

The pot-shaped structures that we’ve previously seen in many renderings of the park will sit atop these traditional piles—the crane will install the “pots” when all the pile driving work is complete. The latter is expected to get underway in June, and will continue through October of this year. The project will pause during the winter months, and resume once again in May 2019.

Pile-driving work is expected to be complete by May 2019, whereas the installation of the “pots” will wrap in March 2020. The Pier 55 park will open to the public later that year. On Tuesday’s tour, the morning construction crew was just wrapping up its shift at the site as we entered. Work on the accessways, which now soar above the Hudson, has been moving forward at a rapid clip, and we will see a lot more construction work in the coming months.

For now, see what the construction site of the Barry Diller and Diane Von Furstenberg-funded park looks like right now.

The crane that arrived on the site earlier today.