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Gowanus residents propose list of potential landmarks ahead of rezoning

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The list includes the Gowanus Bat Cave, and suggests creating several historic districts

Community groups and local residents are pushing to have a series of sites and buildings in Gowanus rezoned in efforts to preserve the character of the neighborhood before its rezoning takes place.

According to Brownstoner, organizations including the Historic Districts Council, Friends and Residents of Greater Gowanus (FROGG), and Park Slope Civic Council, among others, are planning to present their list of proposed landmark designations to the Landmarks Preservation Commission once a new chair has been appointed. The list suggests making the Belgian Block street that borders the Gowanus Canal a scenic landmark and proposes designating the head of the Gowanus Canal (and its first five industrial buildings) a historic district. If the coalition has it their way, a section of Second Street and a section of 12th Street would be designated historic districts as well.

Other properties on their list are as follows:

Gowanus Flushing Tunnel Pumping House, 209 Douglass Street

ASPCA Memorial Building and horse trough, 233 Butler Street

Gowanus Station, 234 Butler Street

R.G. Dun and Company Building, 239-57 Butler Street/206 Nevins Street

Scranton and Lehigh Coal Company, 233 Nevins Street/236 Butler Street

American Can Factory, 232 3rd Street

Brooklyn Rapid Transit Powerhouse, 322 3rd Avenue (a.k.a the Bat Cave)

S.W. Bowne Grain Storehouse, 595-611 Smith Street

Union Street Bridge Control Tower

Eureka Garage, 638-44 Degraw Street

Lavender Lake, 383 Carroll Street

National Packing Box Company, 543 Union Street

Norge Sailmakers Building, 170 2nd Avenue

The News Brooklyn Garage, 209-215 3rd Avenue

T.H. Roulston, Inc. buildings, 70-124 9th Street

Culver Viaduct, 9th Street over Gowanus Canal

William H. Mobray Building, 400-04 3rd Avenue

4th Street Brewery and Icehouse Complex, 401-421 Bond Street

The Green Building, 450-460 Union Street

St. Agnes Roman Catholic Church, 419 Sackett Street

Our Lady of Peace Roman Catholic Church Complex, 522 Carroll Street

505 Carroll Street

Warehouse with decorative pavings, 129-131 8th Street

Tile Works Building, 130 3rd Street

Planet Mills, 376 President Street

Industrial Complex, 530-550 President Street

Flats building, 57 3rd Street

Residence, 388 Hoyt Street

Remnant Shanty, 101 4th Street

“It’s a long list, and we don’t anticipate that every single one of these will be landmarked,” said resident Brad Vogel to Brownstoner. “But we do think more than a mere two or three buildings need to be landmarked in conjunction with the rezoning.”