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Greenpoint Landing megaproject adds two new towers with 1,240 rentals

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These buildings will join the five towers that are in various stages of development within the megaproject

Max Touhey

The developers behind the Greenpoint megaproject, Greenpoint Landing, have announced two new rental projects that will be developed as part of the megadevelopment. These two new rental towers will join the existing three affordable housing developments that opened in 2016 and 2017, and the two market-rate rentals that are currently under construction.

These two new rental towers are being developed by Brookfield Properties in collaboration with the Park Tower Group. Together these buildings will bring a total of 1,240 apartments to the neighborhood, of which 30 percent will be affordable units.

This same development team also collaborated on the first two market-rate rentals that are part of Greenpoint Landing, and are scheduled to open this year, and next year respectively. The development team has released very few details on these new towers (we don’t even have their official addresses yet!), but what we do know so far is that they will be developed at a cost of $1 billion, and will include an extension of the planned waterfront esplanade that’s being developed at Greenpoint Landing.

When it’s fully finished, Greenpoint Landing will have 5,500 apartments (1,400 of which will be affordable apartments), four acres of waterfront green space, and a pre-k through eighth grade school. Construction on the first of the new rental towers will begin in 2019. The new towers will join the onslaught of new development that has been taking over Greenpoint in recent years.