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Big reveal: $420K for a bright and cozy 2BR in Washington Heights

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Did you guess correctly?

Via Compass

This week’s Pricespotter apartment— a bright and cozy two-bedroom in Washington Heights— is asking a mere $420,000. No one guessed that exact amount, but kudos to Patrick M2 for coming the closest by guessing $425,000.

“Are people really guessing in the $400K range? There is no way a unit with this kind of space and natural light would sell for below $600K,” said Views4Days, which is a fair assumption when you consider how expensive Manhattan real estate is. Nonetheless, this apartment presents an opportunity to snag a deal.

Many folks agreed that the bathroom was in an awkward location and was a bit too far from the bedroom. Others took issue with the aprtment being on the fourth floor of a walkup but still charging nearly $1,100 for maintenance. Otherwise, the general consensus was that the apartment was prettry nice overall.

So now that you know the price, what are your thoughts? Here’s another look at the floorplan: