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Roosevelt Island’s candy-colored outdoor pool returns for the summer

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Who wants to go for a swim?

Photos courtesy Tim Williams.

The Manhattan Park Pool Club on Roosevelt Island is set to debut its newest candy-colored waterfront pool this weekend. This year’s mural is the work of artist Technodrome1, along with design team K&Co and Pliskin Architecture, and follows similar patterns from murals over the past three years by relying on vibrant pink, blue, yellow, and purple tones.

This year’s design is similar but different to last year’s work by artist Gregg Emery, but there are some distinct differences. Whereas Emery called upon colorful swirls on a blue backdrop, Technodrome1’s work relies on wave-like lines filled in with various colors.

The Manhattan Park Pool Club will open its door this Saturday, May 25. Non-Roosevelt Island residents can enjoy access for a fee of $35 on weekdays throughout the season and $50 on weekends. For Roosevelt Island residents, the cost is set at $25 during weekdays and $35 on weekends.

In the meantime, check out a few stellar shots of the pool below.

Tim Williams.