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Liev Schreiber’s former Noho bachelor pad is now a family-friendly enclave

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The actor transformed his old Noho triplex into a family-friendly enclave

Douglas Friedman/Architectural Digest

“I never dreamed I would own a place like this.” So says Ray Donovan actor Liev Schreiber of his expansive Noho apartment, recently featured in an issue of Architectural Digest; the triplex is the culmination of more than 20 years and one large, and recently completed, renovation.

Schreiber has kept an apartment in the building for several decades—even as he and his ex-wife, Naomi Watts, moved on to other places in Tribeca and Los Angeles—and this particular iteration of his home was created by combining a one-bedroom unit with a duplex next door.

The actor hired design firm Ashe + Leandro, who’d previously worked with him and Watts on their onetime Tribeca loft, to renovate the space to make it more comfortable for him and his two sons.

The firm added plenty of custom touches—a blue velvet sofa in the living room, a black stone kitchen island—while enhancing the apartment’s vintage touches, such as wooden beams and large windows. Other rooms, such as the master suite (with a large walk-in closet) and the kitchen, have been retooled to be “simple, basic, and clean”—which is just how Schreiber likes it.

Despite the industrial-chic aesthetic, the apartment is also filled with plenty of warmth, thanks to a plethora of personal touches, such as a fruit bowl made by his father, portraits of his sons, and a framed letter from his sons, written on the occasion of the actor’s 50th birthday. Artwork by Jean-Michel Basquiat, Jan Frank, and Richard Fishman lines the walls; there’s even a working fireplace.

“Liev was very clear that he didn’t want a bachelor pad,” Leandro, of the design firm, told AD. “He wanted a real home, one that catered to family and kids.” On that front, mission accomplished.