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Trump name can be removed from UWS condo, judge rules

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The Trump Organization threatened legal action against the board of 200 Riverside Boulevard earlier this year

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A Manhattan Supreme Court judge has ruled that the condo building at 200 Riverside Boulevard can remove the Trump name from its facade, reports the New York Post.

The condo board at 200 Riverside had been trying to rid the building of the Trump name for a while, but earlier this year it was revealed that the Trump Organization was pushing back against the name removal and had moved forward with legal action. While the Trump Organization doesn’t own the building it does manage it, and the Trump Place name that’s on the front of the building is part of a licensing agreement for which the organization received no money.

“The court declines to accept the defendant’s assertion that the parties are required to continue the use of the identification ‘Trump’ in perpetuity,” said Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Ellen Bransten on Thursday.

However, she also acknowledged Trump Organization’s right to sue the condo board if the name was removed without obtaining a majority of approval (more than 66 percent) from the building’s residents.

Once the building removes the Trump name, it will join the ranks of condo buildings at 140, 160, and 180 Riverside Boulevard, which all removed the Trump name shortly after Donald Trump was elected president.

200 Riverside Boulevard

200 Riverside Boulevard, New York, NY