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City unveils redesign of Park Slope’s Ninth Street, site of fatal crash

The new design will include protected bike lanes and narrower traffic lanes

Scott Heins

On Wednesday, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced the city’s plans to redesign Park Slope’s Ninth Street, where two children were killed in a fatal March 5 accident after a driver sped through a red light, reports the New York Post.

Following up on demands from community members and advocates to make the area safer for pedestrians in the wake of the crash, the city is planning to add a protected bike lane between Prospect Park West and Third Avenue and will also narrow the traffic lane on that same stretch.

Mayor de Blasio is also calling upon the state to allow the city to install more speed cameras in school zones.

“We are doing our part with a redesign of Ninth Street to reduce speeding and make it safer. Now we need Albany to do its part,” said Mayor de Blasio. “We need school zone speed camera legislation extended and expanded immediately to prevent future tragedies on our streets. Speed cameras save lives.”

The city will present the redesign at the community’s next board meeting in June.