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NYCHA will kick off ‘crash maintenance repairs’ to address massive backlog

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Repairs will start at Queensbridge, Kingsborough, and Manhattanville houses

New York City Housing Authority officials will get moving on its crash maintenance program, starting with three public housing developments in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens, reports the New York Post.

After receiving $20 million in city funding for repairs, NYCHA will move forward with repairs at West Harlem’s Manhattanville Houses, Queensbridge Houses in Long Island City, and Kingsborough Houses in Crown Heights. Per the Post, Manhattanville Houses is home to the worst backlog of repairs, with work orders requiring a skilled tradesman remaining open for nearly six months on average.

When it comes to NYCHA developments as a whole, the number of backlogs for repairs is around a staggering 154,000. The agency hopes that the city’s $20 million cash infusion will allow them to decrease the number to less than 100,000. Its current goal is to have all common areas within NYCHA developments inspected for lead by the end of June. The crash maintenance program will be used to catch up on backlogs at more than 30 housing developments citywide.

Back in April, Governor Andrew Cuomo declared a state of emergency on NYCHA, calling for the appointment of an independent monitor who will oversee expedited repairs at NYCHA facilities citywide. Shortly thereafter, agency chair Shola Olatoye resigned from her position amid increased scrutiny of the agency and its handling of several scandals.