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Trinity Church’s landmark Broadway chapel will undergo two-year renovation

The church’s 172-year-old home on Broadway will get new pews, restored windows, and more

Images courtesy Trinity Church

One of lower Manhattan’s oldest landmarks is getting an upgrade: Trinity Church will undergo a series of renovations with the goal of expanding its historic Broadway campus, which includes the main nave, the Chapel of All Saints, and the churchyard (where Alexander Hamilton is buried).

During the renovation, which begins this month and is expected to be complete in 2020, the main nave will be closed to the public. Some of its events will move to St. Paul’s Chapel, just a few blocks up Broadway, while others will be held in the All Saints chapel.

Trinity’s current home at 75 Broadway is the third building that the parish has occupied in its 300-year history; the structure, designed by Richard Upjohn in the Gothic Revival style, was designated as one of New York City’s earliest landmarks in 1965.

Earlier this year, the Landmarks Preservation Commission approved changes to the church, which will be undertaken by Murphy Burnham & Buttrick. The “rejuvenation,” as the church is calling it, will both modernize the building—by adding in ramps to make the whole thing ADA compliant, redesigning pews, replacing organs, and installing gender-neutral restrooms—and bring parts of it back to Upjohn’s original design. Its capacity will be expanded by about 140 seats, and historic elements like stained glass windows, clerestory windows, and interior walls will be restored.

The renovation is one of several measures Trinity has taken in the past few years to update its campus for the 21st century. Perhaps the largest of these is the construction of a new, 25-story building designed by Pelli Clarke Pelli that will rise at 76 Trinity Place. The church will move its parish building and offices, currently located on Rector Street, into the new tower; it’ll also hold office space.

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