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This Greenwich Village studio is as big as its private roof deck

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The penthouse studio is on the market for just under $1 million

Via Douglas Elliman

What this Greenwich Village penthouse lacks for in space, it makes up for in its quirky adorableness. The apartment is part of a slender, six-story co-op on Washington Place, and has some lovely NYC views.

The apartment opens up into a small foyer with the main living space in front, and the unit’s only bathroom on the right (it has a skylight!). In the living room, there’s just about enough space for a sofa, a couple of lounge chairs, a coffee table, and a tiny dining table. The sofa here doubles up into a full size bed, according to the broker on the listing.

The studio’s kitchen is just beyond the curved staircase, and comes with marble counters, a dishwasher, refrigerator, and a microwave, among other appliances. Considering the size of the apartment, the kitchen also has a decent amount of storage space. Other features on this floor include a washer and dryer, and a walk-in closet.

One of the most appealing features of this apartment however is the private roof deck that can be accessed through the curved staircase in the main living space. The roof deck is essentially the size of the entire apartment and has plenty of room for seating, and some plantings too. For all of that, this co-op is asking $999,999.