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Nomad’s 756-foot condo is finally on the rise

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The condo building has been in development since 2014, and will bring 180 apartments to the neighborhood

Nomad’s future 756-foot skyscraper is finally on the rise, new construction photos by Field Condition reveal. It’s been nearly four years since we first reported on this development, which is located at 15 East 30th Street.

The height and apartment count on the JD Carlisle and Fosun Group-developed condo have changed over the years, but as plans stand right now, the building will have 51 stories and bring 180 apartments to the neighborhood.

The Handel Architects-designed building will also have 7,500 square feet of retail that will be divvied up among three distinct stores on the ground floor. A bunch of renderings YIMBY unveiled last summer showed off a curvy sculptural entrance to the condo tower.

Construction photos by Field Condition show that the building, which is sandwiched between two mid-rise structures, is just about four stories off the ground, so there’s still a long way to go here before completion. The building is expected to be complete sometime in 2019.