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Charming townhouse on Brooklyn’s tiny, hidden Dennet Place seeks $1.825M

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The two-family townhouse has a Hobbit door and a spacious backyard

Courtesy Compass

There are a handful of small, quirky streets in New York City—places like Pomander Walk on the Upper West Side, or College Place in Brooklyn Heights—that are so charming, we tend to take notice when homes there become available.

Dennet Place in Carroll Gardens, a one-block stretch tucked between Court and Smith streets, is one such place, and a home on that beguiling block recently hit the market, asking $1.825 million.

The house is configured as a two-family home, with a large studio rental on the top floor, and an owner’s duplex on the lower floors—plus an entrance through one of the street’s famed Hobbit doors. The duplex is also a one-bedroom, though there’s also a media room that could be converted into a bedroom space.

The home is a bit old, but it’s been updated with nice, new touches—the kitchen in the owner’s duplex is plenty charming, with custom green cabinets and enough space to be an eat-in; there’s also a separate laundry room, and built-in shelving in some of the rooms.

The rental unit is sparse, but has a good amount of space for one person or a couple.

One of the nicer features of the place is its abundance of outdoor space; there’s a small terrace off the master bedroom, along with a large back patio that’s not especially verdant, but still provides place to sun in the summertime.

And one thing to know if you buy this house: You’re also buying into a tight-knit community. A 2012 New York Times piece on the block described it thusly:

People keep copies of each other’s keys; they appear unannounced at one another’s homes for food and conversation. A local couple was married on the block years ago, and every Memorial Day weekend since at least the mid-1980s, it has been the scene of a block party for the Cat’s Alley people.