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Inside Zachary Quinto and Miles McMillan’s eclectic Noho home

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The couple let Architectural Digest inside their charming two-bedroom home in Noho

Kyle Knodell/Architectural Digest

Actor Zachary Quinto and his partner Miles McMillan recently let Architectural Digest into their lovely Noho apartment, and a result we’re getting a peek at their eclectic home. The couple purchased the two-bedroom apartment three years ago, and they’ve spent the last couple of years decorating the space with finds from their travels across the world, and with family heirlooms.

They had some help though; the couple worked with Tariq Dixon and Nick Nemechek of TRNK to help them envision what they really wanted to do with the 2,250-square-foot home. In the video that accompanies AD’s piece, McMillan describes the kitchen and the dining space as the focal point of the home—Quinto says McMillan is a great cook, and that they often host friends for dinners and movies. As a result the couple invested in a long, narrow table created by Taracea, a firm based in North Carolina. The couple said that its particular shape encourages more people to take a seat instead of crowding in the kitchen.

McMillan is a painter, and the home features several works of art, including some of McMillan’s oil paintings (one of them can be seen in the photo of the couple below). He’s also an avid collector of crystals; during AD’s tour, the couple discovered over 55 crystals spread out through the apartment!

The bright and airy pad is also full of the couple’s travel collections; These finds include three rugs Quinto purchased in Morocco, tapestries the couple purchased in Peru, and a set of pots they purchased in Rwanda that sit on their bookshelf. Head on over to AD to check out the rest of the images, and the tour of their home.