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Big reveal: $529K for a spacious Tudor City 1BR with modern updates

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Did you guess correctly?

Douglas Elliman.

This week’s Pricespotter apartment—a spacious one-bedroom in Tudor City—is asking $529,000. Among the many guesses, it was Eulipian (who wasn’t impressed with the apartment) who came the closest by guessing $526,000.

The co-op is located within a full-service building at 333 East 43rd Street (which, according to Google Maps is just outside of the official boundaries of Tudor City, though the listing suggests otherwise) and opinions on the space were a mixed bag. Surprisingly, the majority of folks guessed far beyond the actual price.

“The floorplan is awkward, it needs to be re-jigged, but probably not possible because I don’t think you can take out that dividing wall between the living room and the bedroom... Anyways, I like this place. Its bright, modern and shows well,” said acfs.

“Making guests go into the master bedroom to use the only bathroom is a big turn off. The kitchen is quite tight,” said Views4Days.

So now that we’ve revealed the price, what do you think? Is it a bargain or a stretch? Here’s another look at the floorplan: