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IFC Center submits revised proposal for planned expansion

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The IFC Center wants to add five theaters to its existing space and create room for nearly 1,000 people

Kilment Halsband Architect via Landmarks Commisson.

The IFC Center’s expansion is moving in a slightly different direction than it had originally envisioned, plans submitted with the city’s Landmarks Preservation Commission, have revealed.

In 2016, the indie film hub wanted to expand its space by 20,000 square feet, and create enough room to seat 948 people. They also wanted to build on the empty lot behind their existing building, which fronts on Cornelia Street. That lot is zoned residential, and some local residents didn’t want residential land to go to a movie theater at that time. While most of the facets of the original plan remain the same, some details have changed.

In their revised proposal, the new building at 14-16 Cornelia Street will have four apartments on the upper floors. These residences will have a separate entrance on the northern end of the facade. Previous plans for the Cornelia Street building called for frosted fixed glass on the upper floor windows, but the apartments now will have clear, operable windows.

Two theaters that were originally proposed for the Cornelia Street building have now been moved to a rooftop addition on the main theater building at 327 Avenue of the Americas. This addition will be made up of brick and frosted glass elements that are meant to relate to the Cornelia Street facade.

Kilment Halsband Architects via Landmarks Commission.

In addition, the center wants to remove some mesh screens and flood lighting on the facade of 323 and 327 Avenue of the Americas, repair and repaint the existing facade, relocate the entrance and exit doors, and retain the original marquee and canopy.

In all, the Center, wants to add five theaters to the existing space, and create a larger waiting area on the ground floor.

These revised plans will be presented to the city’s Landmarks Preservation Commission later today. The previous proposal was approved by the LPC, but it remains to be seen if this one will sail through as well. Curbed will update this post following the LPC’s verdict.

UPDATE 6/14/2018: IFC’s planned expansion was approved by the Landmarks Commission with minor modifications.