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NYC will spend $500M for senior housing on NYCHA land

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The new housing will rise on parking lots, lawns, and other parcels of land across NYCHA developments

New York City officials have made plans to transform vacant land on New York City Housing Authority developments into thousands of affordable apartments for low-income senior citizens. The new apartments will rise on parking lots, lawns, and underutilizef parcels of land across various NYCHA buildings.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the city has committed $500 million toward creating the new housing units which they hope will help address the 207,000 families on the waiting list for public housing as well as reduce homelessness. By creating new apartments for low-income seniors, officials hope that seniors living in two- and three-bedroom apartments can move into the new housing units and make space for families on the waiting list.

Housing activists are looking to obtain as much as $2 billion from the city to create 15,000 apartments for seniors. Meanwhile, the city has recently agreed to pay more than $2 billion over the next 10 years for repair and upkeep at NYCHA buildings.