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Coney Island’s landmarked Shore Theater will become a hotel

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The hotel will include a spa, banquet hall, and a bathhouse


After purchasing Coney Island’s landmarked Shore Theater for $14 million in 2016, developer PYE Properties is planning to convert the shuttered theater into a seven-story hotel, reports The Real Deal.

According to permits filed with the Department of Buildings, the hotel will rise 118 feet and span just over 70,000 square feet. The ground floor will accommodate a spa and a bathhouse, while the second floor will be home to a banquet hall. It is unclear what company will operate the hotel.

When Pye Properties first purchased the site, the developer had plans plans to restore the theater and use it as an entertainment venue and convert another portion of it into a hotel, while also leasing out some of the space to retail tenants.

Renderings haven’t been revealed just yet and it’s unclear who will be designing the hotel but we’ll be sure to update as those details become available.